This document is provided to give clarity to both students and parents about some of the basics related to the use and care of Chromebooks.  It does not take the place of the parent student handbook; it is provided to support the rules and procedures in the handbook.


Chromebooks will be loaned to all students who submit a Chromebook Computer User Agreement (found below, which indicates understanding of the contents of the parent student handbook and our Internet Acceptable Use Policy.


Chromebook Rules & Guidelines

There are responsibilities involved with the use of a district-owned Chromebook. This requires efficient, ethical and legal utilization of technology resources. Violations of these rules and guidelines will result in administrative review and potential discipline.

  • Technology, including laptops, must be used only:
    • To support learning
    • In compliance with local, state, and federal laws
    • To complete school assignments
  • Security Reminders:
    • Share logins or passwords ONLY with parents or guardians
    • Follow Internet safety guidelines and school rules and policies for acceptable use
    • Understand that device and network use are filtered and monitored and students have no expectation of privacy in their use of these school resources


Caring for the Chromebook

The device is district property and all users will follow the “Chromebook Care Procedures & Guidelines”, and the Concord School District Acceptable Use Policy to limit any potential damage to the device and/or disciplinary action. Our hope is that students will have consistent access to a device throughout their years at Concord High and in order to best meet this goal it is important that all students take an active role in caring for their Chromebook.

Backgrounds and Screensavers

Any images set as a background must be school appropriate and in line with school policy and practices for maintaining a positive learning environment free from disruption or interference. Inappropriate media may not be used as a background, which will be understood to mean any image that otherwise would not be permitted for display at school.

Students that Fail to Bring their Chromebook to School

  • Students may check out a loaner for the day provided there is one available.
  • Students borrowing a Chromebook will be responsible for any damage or loss to the loaner device.
  • Discipline may result if the student repeatedly needs to borrow a loaner device.
  • Students must return the loaner to the Help Desk at the end of the school day or be subject to discipline.

Student Chromebooks that Need Repair

  • Loaner devices will be issued for students that leave their school-issued device at the Help Desk.
  • Students will sign a loaner agreement and will be held responsible for any damage or loss of the loaner.
  • Devices on loan for extended repairs are allowed to go home.
  • Students will be contacted when their issued device has been repaired and can be picked up.
  • In cases of theft or disappearance, the student must generate a police report before loaner/replacement equipment is issued.  The police report must also directly mention the loss of the equipment and the circumstances surrounding the loss.


  • At this time, Chromebooks can be used to print at home.
  • At this time, Chromebooks do not print at school.
  • Students are encouraged to share all work with their teachers through their school Google account when possible to avoid excessive printing.

Using the Chromebook at Home

  • Students are encouraged to take the Chromebook home with them every day.
  • A Wi-Fi Internet connection is required for full functionality of Chromebooks, however, some applications can be used if no internet access is available.
  • Students without Wi-Fi access at home can connect from a number of public locations in both the Deerfield and Concord communities.
  • Students are bound by the Acceptable Use Policy and all other guidelines for the use of Chromebooks at home and other non-school locations.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for supervising student use of the Chromebook at home.
  • Students are responsible for care and safekeeping of the Chromebook device at all times.
  • Students are responsible for fully charging their device before returning to school every day.

Liability for Damage, Loss or Theft

Students are responsible for any damage, loss, or theft of district issued devices not covered by the manufacturer warranty.

Device Replacement Costs

Students who lose or purposefully destroy their assigned Chromebook and students who are found to be responsible for the non-functioning Chromebook will be expected to pay for the replacement cost of the device, the charger, and any protective equipment provided by the school.  The cost will be determined by the Concord School District financial department and will be based on a complete replacement of all of the lost materials.  

Damaged Chromebooks or devices failing to operate properly must be evaluated immediately at the Student Help Desk which is located in the library.  Administrators will communicate the repair or replacement cost and timeline, and the degree to which the student is responsible for the cost based on misuse or neglect determinations, to parents or guardians.

Damage which is the result of normal wear and tear will be addressed by the School District at no cost to the parent/student.  Damage which is the result of accidental or intentional abuse by the student will result in a charge to the student for replacement or repair.


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