Smoking and Vaping


CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL IS A SMOKE FREE ZONE (regardless of age).  Use of tobacco in any form by students, faculty and visitors at Concord High School is not allowed. (See also Disciplinary Code.)

Tobacco Products

Students smoking, possessing, chewing, or using tobacco in any other manner will be automatically suspended for at least one day. Subsequent violations will result in a longer suspension and possible legal action and referral to the school resource officer for legal action.

E-Cigarettes and Similar Products

While there are some legal uses of e-cigarettes and vapes there is a growing body of evidence that they are increasingly being used by underage students for the consumption of illegal substances such as marijuana and substances that can be crushed and dissolved into vape juice. For this reason the penalties for having e-cigarettes and vapes are more than for having traditional cigarettes. These devices and materials involved with using them are considered by the school to be paraphernalia and are in the same category as marijuana.

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