Campus Rules


The Concord High School campus is divided up into three distinct zones for students.  

Green Zones are areas that include the Student Center and Courtyard,.  In a Green zone, students are allowed to spend their open periods and may use their cell phones or talk responsibly.  

Yellow zones are transition areas through which students pass but may not congregate.  These include the gym lobby, commons locker areas, and Learning Commons (library) hallway.  

Red areas are academic areas including classrooms, hallways outside of classrooms, Main Street, Learning Commons (library), computer labs, study halls, and areas in which structured activities are taking place.  

Students may not use cell phones in Red and Yellow areas except during passing time.

Campus expectation: Students who congregate outdoors in the courtyard during their open periods and lunch time may chat with friends in a non-disruptive fashion, use their cell phones responsibly, and play hacky sack and other games that do not pose a threat to others.  Students may not engage in activities that involve projectiles (Frisbee, balls, etc.)

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