Cell Phones


This section of the handbook refers to communication devices.  Communication devices include, but are not limited to, cell phones, smart phones, MP3s with communication abilities, cameras with communication abilities, and iPods.

Students may have cell phones on school property.  The use of these devices must not interfere with academics or constitute a threat to health and safety.  Cell phones may be used in class for academic purposes but only with the permission of the teacher. Cell phones may be appropriately used during student’s free time (open periods and lunch) and passing time.

  • Cell phones must be silenced during classes and in other places of learning such as prep rooms, the media center, study halls, and computer labs. Cell phone usage of any sort during class time, whether in the classroom or outside the classroom will be considered a classroom violation. (Teachers have the discretion to allow curriculum based cell phone use. E.g. use as a calculator.)

  • Upon request, teachers may temporarily hold or ask students to keep cell phones visible.

  • Cell phones should only be used in public spaces (Green Areas).

  • Cell phones must be turned off in all areas during safety or emergency drills.

  • Teachers may designate a place for cell phone storage during class.

First Offense

On a first offense the teacher will handle the situation. The teacher will talk to the student about the offense and explain the consequences for a second offense.

Second Offense

A CHS student who violates the cell phone policy a second time will have their phone brought to their commons. A sending school student who violates the cell phone policy will have their phone brought to the CRTC. The Commons will log the incident, call home, and return the phone at the end of the day.

Third Offense

A CHS student who violates the cell phone policy a third time will have their phone confiscated and brought to their commons and a parent will be required to come to school to retrieve the phone from administration.  (If it is easier for the teacher, they might choose to send the student to drop off the phone in the commons). If a sending school student has their phone confiscated during their time at CHS, that phone should be brought to the CRTC office.  Students who chronically violate the cell phone rule may be subject to additional school consequences. Due to the large number of problematic cell phone confiscations, students are not to use their phones as clocks.

Students refusing to turn over their cell phones will be suspended out of school immediately for insubordination and may remain suspended until a meeting between the student, parent and administrator takes place.

Parents of students who have chronic cell phones use issues should be aware that they are able to contact their cell phone provider and disable their student’s cell phone during school hours.  


Personal audio equipment (iPods/MP3 players/cell phones) may be used in a classroom or study hall ONLY at the discretion of the teacher. Before taking audio equipment out, ask the teacher for permission. Students may use audio/video equipment responsibly during their open and lunch periods. Audio/video equipment is expected to be for personal use only; headphones are required, speakers are prohibited and volume is expected to remain at a reasonable level that will not disrupt others. Respect for the learning environment of all students should govern the use of all electronic equipment. These items may be confiscated if misused. Portable video players in any form are not allowed. If used, they will be confiscated.  

Recording audio or video at school is expressly disallowed without teacher or administrator permission and an approved and defined purpose.

Students are encouraged to register all electronic devices with the School Resource Officer.


Unauthorized camera use, including cell phone cameras, has become a significant issue in our society.  Camera use is not permitted at Concord High School unless it is authorized by school personnel. Unauthorized use of a camera will result in the confiscation of the device for the remainder of the day at a minimum.  

In certain instances administration may require that parents come to school to retrieve the device.  Media recorded at Concord High School is under the express control of school administration.

Students need to be aware that depending upon the degree of disruption caused to the school, additional administrative discipline may be assigned.  If students publish/share video or pictures from cell phones that causes disruption of the orderly operation of the school, serious consequences including suspension could be applied.

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