Grade           Description

90-100          Distinguished Achievement

80-89              Above-Average Performance

70-79 Satisfactory Performance

60-69 Minimum Acceptable Work for Credit

0-59              Unacceptable: No Credit

The grading scale at Concord High School ranges from a minimum of forty (40) to a maximum of one hundred (100).  Sixty is the lowest grade bearing course credit. A student can be given a grade of forty (40) when the student fails to demonstrate competency. Further, should a student, during the final quarter (whether a semester or year course) fail to meet the minimum requirements of the course, a grade LOWER than forty (40) may be given. A grade of thirty-nine (39) will be assigned to a student who receives an Administrative Failure.

Calculating the Grade:

Grades are based on summative assessments of academic competencies.  Summative assessments might be tests, quizzes, projects, or certain kinds of work done at home.  The best way to define summative assessments is to compare them to game day or the day of a big concert.  The other kinds of assessments that teachers give are called formative assessments and these are similar to the practice that comes before a game or a concert.  Formative assessments are not included in the grade but they are often reported by the teacher so that students and parents can keep track of how they are doing.

The Crimson Code (Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Honest, Be Punctual and Prepared and Be an Active Participant in Your Own Learning) is also reported but not included in the final grade.  The Crimson Code is reported so that students, parents, guidance counselors, and administrators can see how the student is performing on these lifelong skills.

Semester grades are calculated by averaging the two-quarter grades at 80% (40% each quarter) and the mid-year or final exam grade as 20% - see example below. The computer is programmed to round up at .5.  

NOTE:  If new evidence of competency is submitted by the student in quarter two (or 4) the teacher may consult with administration to adjust the semester grade to reflect on the most recent evidence.

Changing the Grade:  If a course or grade is missing or wrongly recorded on the grade report, it should be reported at once by the student. A special “Change of Grade” form, available in the principal’s office, may be taken by the student to the appropriate teacher who will authorize the change(s) and return the form to the guidance office. Whenever a grade is changed, the principal’s signature may also be required.

                                                            Grade                                   Calculations

1st quarter                                    85                                         85 x 2 = 170 (2/5 or 40%)

2nd quarter                                   80                                         80 x 2 = 160 (2/5 or 40%)

1st semester exam                       90                                         90 x 1 = 90 (1/5 or 20%)

                                                                                                420/5 = 84% Semester Average

Students taking a course where the grading is done in a Pass/ Fail fashion will not have those grades factored into their overall Numeric Grade Average (N.G.A.) however they course will be counted as high school credits towards graduation.

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