Graduation Requirements


To qualify for a Concord High School diploma, students graduating must successfully complete at least 20 units of study including the listed specific requirements. Students transferring into Concord High School after the completion of their junior year (after last day of school in Grade 11 year) must meet the credit requirements of their most recent high school or of Concord High School, whichever is greater. Students on home education programs or attending Second Start must earn at least ten credits in classes at Concord High School to earn a Concord High School diploma. Please refer to the Program of Studies for more details.


Arts Education (A) 0.5
Computer Education (B) 0.5
English 4
Mathematics (C) 3
Science (D) 3
Social Studies (E) 2.5
Physical Education 1.5
Health Education 0.5
Required Credits 15.5
Electives 4.5


NOTE: To earn credit in a course, a student must earn a final mark of 60 or better and meet district attendance requirements. A full-year course offers one credit; a half-year (semester) course offers 1/2 credit; and a quarter-year course offers 1/4 credit.

Includes classes in fine arts music, and graphic arts.
Only required of students who have not fulfilled this requirement prior to enrollment at CHS.
One of the three math credits earned must be from an Algebra course.
Students must complete three total credits of science. Students need to take Next Generation Science 1 and 2. A third credit is required from science electives.
Includes one credit of United States history and one-half credit in geography or world history, one half credit of economics education, as well as a one-half credit Civics course.

Explanatory Note:

* If, because of attendance, a student receives a grade but no credit for a required class, the student need not repeat the required unit but must make up the credit by adding an elective unit.

Concord High School Graduation/Senior Activities
To participate in the formal graduation ceremony and senior activities, the student must have completed all graduation requirements.

Normally students graduate at the end of the 12th grade or the 4th year at Concord High School. To ensure that this happens, students should check their credits and completed courses against the requirement list at least once a year and consult their guidance counselor immediately if there is any question or doubt or if a course scheduled to fill a requirement is dropped or failed.

Alternative Credit Possibilities
Credits toward a Concord High School diploma may be transferred from another accredited public and private secondary schools including from Concord Summer School, Second Start and extended learning opportunities with approval.

Information is available through guidance counselors. Students or parents interested in transferring credits should consult with their guidance counselor.

Academic Review Council
The Academic Review Council will review all other requests for credit or circumstances that would affect a student earning a Concord High School diploma. A decision will be rendered and communicated to the student and/or parent in writing within five (5) school days.

The Academic Review Council will consist of the following people:

● High School Principal

● Representative from Central Office

● Assistant Principal

● High School Special Education Representative (as needed)

● High School Curriculum Facilitator

● High School Guidance Counselor

Participation in Graduation Exercises

·       Participation in graduation exercises is allowed for students who are in good academic standing and have met all graduation requirements.

·       Students who have not met the graduation requirements may not participate in the graduation ceremony. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

·       Students who are 1⁄4 credit short of the required 20 credits.

·       Students who have more than 20 credits but have not earned enough required classes.

·       To participate in the graduation ceremony, it is necessary to order and pay for cap and gown, to attend graduation rehearsals, and to meet other announced deadlines.

Graduation is an important and dignified ceremony, which has significant meaning for graduating seniors, parents, families, and staff. Concord High School takes pride in a dignified graduation ceremony. The ceremony signifies the successful culmination of thirteen years of education. In order to ensure a graduation ceremony that is meaningful to all, the following is expected of all participants:

·       Graduates are to be courteous during the entire ceremony and are to refrain from any activity which is disruptive, distracting, or dangerous.

·       Graduates are not to carry anything with them into the ceremony.

·       This being a school function, all school rules apply before, during and after the ceremony.

·       Graduates are to dress appropriately for a ceremony of this nature. Boys should wear collared shirts with tie and slacks. Girls should wear nice pants suits or modest summer dresses. Examples of inappropriate dress is beach/sports clothing, jeans, sunglasses, t-shirts, etc. Students will arrive at graduation carrying their cap and gown. Those in inappropriate dress will be asked to either change their attire or leave and not participate in the ceremony. Students who wish to appeal this practice should do so at one of the graduation practices or by contacting the principal at least ten calendar days before graduation. No appeals can be granted or will be considered on graduation day. If a candidate for graduation violates any of the above behavior standards, he/she will not receive a diploma at graduation and will be asked to leave the ceremony. The student will be required to attend a parent conference with the Principal in the week following graduation.

Reminder: ​ Senior Activities
Participation in the formal graduation ceremony and other senior activities is a student privilege, not a right.

Attendance at these functions is reserved for students who meet the requirements for a high school diploma or certificate of completion of studies and are in good standing. The administration reserves the right to revoke the student privilege of participating in senior activities or graduation exercises as part of any disciplinary measure including chronic and repeated behavioral infractions. Students owing the school obligations may not be allowed to participate in these events. Obligations may include students with unserved discipline, money for lab fees, lost books, sports uniforms/equipment, library materials, vandalism, class dues or any other incurred costs. Additionally, students engaging in a senior prank may have their participation in senior activities, including graduation prohibited.

Alternatives to Concord High School Diploma
Although it is advisable for most students to stay in the same high school until graduation, there are situations in which this is not possible. CHS credits can be transferred to other public and private secondary schools. The Concord School District’s Adult Diploma Program awards diplomas for night school work to those who for various reasons cannot continue to attend school in the traditional day program. In addition, there is the Concord Regional Diploma Academy (see Diploma Academy).

It is also possible for students over 18 (or others under special circumstances) to take examinations for a High School Equivalency Certificate (HiSET). The Concord Regional Diploma Academy as well as Second Start in Concord sponsor programs to help students acquire the necessary skills and information. Second Start administers these tests several times during each school year.

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