Independent Study


Independent study is designed to provide an opportunity for students to go beyond the classroom experience to pursue a particular interest once the subject area course offerings have been exhausted.  The administration and staff recognize the value of self-discovery and self-teaching and we wish to encourage the responsibility and growth which is involved in this process.

I.   Qualifications:

A. Student must be a junior or senior.

B. Student must have at least a B average in the subject area in which s/he wishes to study independently and has exhausted the present curriculum.

C. Student shall be involved in only one independent study per semester.

D.      Exceptions to these qualifications will be handled through your guidance counselor with approval of the area curriculum facilitators and administrator.  

II. Procedure for students:

A. Complete required application.

B. Develop a topic or project on specified form.

C. Attain agreement with a teacher/advisor that has knowledge in the area of study and is willing to act as a supervisor.

1.  It will be the individual teacher's responsibility to determine if s/he has the time and interest to act as advisor to a particular student.  The teacher-advisor will determine if the student is sufficiently motivated and if s/he has a viable plan. If a particular teacher is requested as an advisor by more students than s/he can handle, seniors will have priority.

2. The plan must have the approval of the student's counselor, teacher-advisor, parent, area curriculum facilitator, and the area administrator for that discipline.

D. Setting up a schedule

1.   There must be a minimum of one meeting per week for consultation or supervision between advisor and student.

2.   There must be a minimum of 2 checkpoints or progress report dates per quarter.

E. The independent study application must be completed and approved prior to the start of the semester of the independent study.

F. Miscellaneous

1.   An independent study will have the same credit value as other academic courses at Concord High School.

2.   The amount of credit (1/2 or 1) for each independent study will be determined by the advisor and the area administrator.

3.   If a student drops his/her independent study after 20 days of school (semester), s/he will receive an administrative failure (AF).

4.   The Independent Study will be considered as part of a senior’s minimum course load.

5.     The Independent Study will not be considered as part of a junior’s minimum course load.

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