Project SEE / White Farm

Project SEE (Science and Environmental Education) is a Concord School District science enrichment program founded in 1970. Project SEE delivers classroom and field trip programming to complement the district's elementary science curriculum.

Project SEE's goals are to 1) provide Concord students with concrete, hands-on science experiences, 2) develop scientific and environmental awareness, and 3) inspire good citizens with strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

The Project SEE team leads grade-level field trips for kindergarten to grade 6, both at the Project SEE Learning Center at White Farm and at locations around Concord. These field trips focus on outdoor and applied science experiences, building upon science content taught by teachers and tying to the Next Generation Science Standards. Our science educators also deliver regular lessons in grade 1-5 classrooms, focusing on the hands-on practice of science skills.

You are welcome to visit White Farm to explore the outdoors for yourself! Come hike, ski, bird-watch, or pull weeds in the garden!

White Farm is located on Clinton Street in Concord.

White Farm’s Picture Post

Picture Post is a part of the Digital Earth Watch (DEW) network. DEW supports environmental monitoring by citizens, students and community organizations through digital photography and satellite imagery.

You can...

  • contribute photographs to any Picture Post

  • add your own Picture Post

  • measure environmental change in your neighborhood, and

  • contribute to science networks.

Visit White Farm's Picture Post website and add your own photos from our picture post!

Science Webpage

On our Engaging in Science web page, you'll find many science videos created by the Project SEE team, with related hands-on activities you can do at school or at home.

Teachers and families can also find links to online science resources, ideas for outdoor exploration, and citizen science opportunities.

Staff Members

Stephanie Bowser, Project SEE Coordinator

Madeline Champlin, Program Assistant

Hilary Chapman, Program Assistant

Mary Fougere, Program Assistant

Catherine Kaplan, Program Assistant

Melissa Bolton, Program Assistant